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Nan and Hugh Cullman Eminent Professor
Chairman, Department of Medicine
Co-Director, UNC Kidney Center

Specialty Areas

Glomerular disease; Lupus; Vasculitis; ANCA-mediated Vasculitis

Education and Experience

BA Cum Laude: Dartmouth College, 1973; MD: University of North Carolina, 1977; Resident: University of North Carolina, 1977; Resident: University of North Carolina, 1978-80; Nephrology Fellow: University of North Carolina, 1980-1; Pediatric Nephrology Research Fellow: University of Minnesota, 1981-4; Chief: University of North Carolina Medical School Division of Nephrology and Hypertension; Director: University of North Carolina Kidney Center, 2004-Present

Research and Clinical Interests

Dr. Falk’s research probes questions focused on immune mediated kidney diseases, especially glomerulonephritis. His clinical and basic science interests include both ANCA glomerulonephritis and small vessel vasculitis (SVV). A central objective of Falk’s research is elucidating the causes of ANCA necrotizing and crescentic glomerulonephritis. Unraveling the cause of this disease requires considering a number of factors involved in the devolpment of ANCA glomerulonephritis. Falk conceptualizes this process as opening the vasculitis lock with a key that has a number of “ridges and valleys” analogous to those factors that contribute to the development of this autoimmune disease.

Dr. Falk participates in a research group that, in a large study over the last four years has revealed a number of avenues of investigation and new approaches to ongoing questions that pertain not only to ANCA glomerulonephritis, but to the general fields of autoimmunity, inflammation and basic neutrophil and monocyte biology.

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Ronald Falk, MD