Scott T. Magness, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine, Cell Biology, and Biomedical Engineering, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Contact Information 
T: 919-966-6816
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Academic Interests: My research focuses on elucidating genetic mechanisms underlying stemness and developing translational models to establish a finer understanding of stem cell-driven regeneration dynamics in homeostasis and injury. Using a combination of genetic mouse models and micro-fabricated bioengineered platforms, we are exploiting the self-renewal capacity and multipotency of ISCs to develop long-term ex vivo models of the intestine and colon with primary tissues. These biomimetic models offer new solutions for compound screening and cell-based therapies.


Education and Training

Degree Institution Area
BS University of California, San Diego Biochemistry and Chemistry
PhD University of North Carolina Genetics and Molecular Biology
Post-Doctoral Research UNC GI Division Molecular Pathogenesis of Liver Fibrosis
Post-Doctoral Research UNC Department of Genetics Neural Stem Cells