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Nurse Practitioner, Division of Hematology

Sean’s journey started as a Counseling Psychologist (M.A.) providing psychiatric emergency and addiction services in multiple ER’s and a mobile crisis teams in the Boston area. He then changed careers to nursing, completing the BSN program at UNC-CH.  Sean worked for 3 years as a Staff Nurse on 6NSH (Neurology, Neurosurgery, ENT) and for 6 years as a nurse navigator for the H&N oncology program here at UNC. In May 2014, Sean graduated from the MSN program at UNC-CH as an AGNP with an oncology focus. During Sean’s MSN program he worked in Lineberger as a consultant research nurse. Since 2014, Sean has worked at UNC in the Hematology Oncology Department, initially in the inpatient (hospital) setting but now in the outpatient Leukemia clinic.

Sean Gallagher