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Shakira J. Grant MBBS

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, Division of Hematology, Geriatrics

Specialty Areas: Geriatric Hematology; Geriatric Oncology;  Multiple Myeloma; geriatric assessments; cognitive, functional, and psychosocial outcomes of older adults with hematological malignancies.

Chronology: MBBS: University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Barbados, 2006; Intern: Faculty of Medical Sciences, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados, 2006-2007; Senior House Officer: Division of Orthopedics and Trauma, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados, 2007-2008; Senior House Officer: Department of Medicine, BayView Medical Center, Barbados, 2008-2009; Medical Officer: Department of Medicine, King Edward Memorial Hospital, Bermuda, 2009-2011; Resident: Pennsylvania Hospital (University of Pennsylvania Health System), 2012-2015; Geriatric Medicine Fellow: University of Pennsylvania, 2015-2016; Clinical Instructor, Geriatric Medicine: University of Pennsylvania, 2016-2017; Hematology-Oncology Fellow: University of Washington-Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 2017-2020; T32 Hematology Research Fellow: University of Washington, 2019-2020; Assistant Professor of Medicine: University of North Carolina, 2021-present

Description of research and/or clinical interests.

Dr. Grant is a board-certified geriatrician, hematologist, and oncologist specializing in the care of older adults with hematological malignancies. As a clinician-investigator, her overall goal is to provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to each patient’s care based upon a detailed understanding of the factors contributing to their overall fitness/frailty status. In the clinical setting, she uses geriatric assessments to capture the global health status of her patients. This allows her to focus not only on the treatment of the patient’s cancer but also on the outcomes that are often of high value and importance to older adults, such as minimizing treatment-associated toxicities and maintaining quality-of-life, physical and cognitive function throughout all stages of the cancer journey. Additionally, her research also focuses on refining currently available risk-stratification strategies used in treatment decision-making for patients with hematological malignancies by incorporating these functional and quality-of-life measures. In the future, such risk predictive models will be used to develop clinical trials examining outcomes related to the use of fitness-based approaches for therapy assignment in those with hematological malignancies and to evaluate changes in fitness/frailty status in response to cancer-directed therapies.

Bio / personal statement 

Aging is inevitable, but how we age is highly variable. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is often a devastating and life-altering event, the onset of a journey filled with highs and lows. For older adults, cancer’s impact could be further compounded by chronic health conditions, social isolation, mobility, and nutritional issues. As a physician, while treating your cancer is my top priority, I also focus on preserving your level of functioning, independence, and quality-of-life long-term. Overall I am passionate and committed to delivering the highest quality of care to every patient while ensuring that care remains concordant with their overall life goals.

Selected Bibliography (reverse chronological order).

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ASCO Post Article:

Recognition and honors 

      • Butler-Williams Scholar, National Institute on Aging, Bethesda, Maryland, 2020
      • Chief Fellow, Hematology-Oncology University of Washington-Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 2019
      • Eastern Pennsylvania Geriatrics Society Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Second Place Oral Presentation, 2016
      • Annual Scientific Research Day, University of Pennsylvania Health System, First Place Award for Clinical Research, 2014
      • Society for the Advancement of Blood Management, Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, California, First Place Poster Presentation, 2013
      • American College of Physicians, Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California, First Place Poster Presentation (clinical vignette) 2013
      • Best Clinical Practice Award, Bermuda Hospitals Board, 2009


Shakira Grant
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    170 Manning Drive

    Chapel Hill, NC 27599