Timothy Brotherton, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Oncology

Specialty Areas

Benign hematology, medical oncology


BS The Johns Hopkins University, 1975; PHD (developmental biology): McMaster University, 1975; M.D.: University of Iowa, 1982; Resident: University of Iowa, 1982-1984; Hematology/Oncology Fellow and Chief Resident: University of Iowa, 1984-1987; Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Iowa, 1987-1991; Physician, Danville Hematology and Oncology, 1991-2013; Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, 2013-present

Research and Clinical Interests

Outpatient delivery of hematologic and oncologic care.

Personal Statement

I am a physician with over 35 years of practice experience. My mandate is to deliver compassionate, clinically informed therapy for wide variety of blood and cancer conditions, in an outpatient setting.

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