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Christine E. Kistler, MD

Christine E. Kistler, MD, associate professor in the Division of Geriatric Medicine, explained why older adults are more vulnerable to dehydration and how drinking water in the morning can support healthy aging.

Forget the wrinkle-smoothing creams and anti-aging serums. The secret to growing old gracefully comes straight from your sink. Yep, water helps keep every system in your body working smoothly.

Getting your water earlier in the day is a smart strategy to stay hydrated while preventing (or reducing) late-night potty trips.

“At night, people are more likely to worry about getting up to use the bathroom, so they fluid-restrict to avoid bathroom trips,” Dr. Kistler said.

But, as we know, this can lead to dehydration. A tall glass of H2O in the a.m. will replenish your body’s fluids, and by timing it many hours before bedtime, it won’t give you the urge to pee mid-slumber.

If you don’t stay hydrated, toxins like urea can build up in the body, Dr. Kistler said.

When urea accumulates, some of your body functions may falter, and your electrolyte balance may become abnormal, Dr. Kistler said. And this creates a damaging domino effect because electrolyte disturbances can result in delirium (a condition characterized by severe confusion), she explained.

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