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Riches was recently appointed clinical associate chief for the department of medicine’s division of hematology and oncology. As a candidate for the LLS Woman of the Year, she’s raising funds to support research for patients and their families.

Dr. Marcie Riches

Something unique takes place in the patient-oncologist relationship, based on vulnerability and trust. This partnership is vital to treating and curing cancer, and the time together creates lasting relationships. UNC bone marrow transplant physician Dr. Marcie Riches sees her patients frequently, early after receiving stems cells for a transplant. She’s also a true champion of hope for those who need it most.

“Ever since going through training and residency, I knew I liked the academic environment and the complicated intricacies of oncology and transplant,” said Riches. “It was very different from what I experienced in primary care. I’m pleased to be able to facilitate UNC’s clinical mission, so that each patient experience is effectively and compassionately integrated with research and training.”

Ensuring the Best Patient Experience

As clinical associate chief, Dr. Riches focuses on all of the clinical aspects of care. She oversees effective inpatient and outpatient operations for hematology and oncology patients, working with clinical leaders within the division as well as North Carolina Cancer Hospital leadership.

“Dr. Riches is an exceptional physician who can successfully drive our clinical mission,” said Dr. Lisa Carey, chief of the division of hematology and oncology, physician-in-chief of the N.C. Cancer Hospital and associate director of clinical sciences at the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. “In her new role, she will help us ensure the best patient experience and highest quality care–enhanced by the most recent medical advances that improve quality of life–all while we train the next generation of oncologists.”

Dr. Riches joined UNC in 2015 as a clinical associate professor, and she played a critical role in the expansion of the Bone Marrow and Cellular Therapy program, as well as the merging of the BMT and hematology/oncology outpatient clinic infrastructures.

Woman of the Year Candidate for LLS Campaign

As a Woman of the Year Candidate for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), Riches has joined a philanthropic competition to raise money for LLS, and approximately 77% of every $1 raised will go to research and patient/family care. Riches has a base goal to raise $100,000 in 10 weeks, with an additional $1,000 goal for each year that she has cared for patients with blood cancers.

“I’m honored to be selected as a candidate for the LLS Man & Woman of the Year Campaign. For 18 years I’ve cared for patients with blood cancers. My journey has taken me to five medical institutions where I’ve been able to work with countless individuals that have been colleagues, mentors, caregivers, and — most importantly–patients.”

With her teammates behind her, Dr. Riches is competing in honor of her former and future patients. She also stays in touch with the patients she has cared for at prior institutions. One patient from Moffitt Cancer Center transferred her care to UNC Hospitals when she learned Dr. Riches had joined UNC. It is because of these relationships that Dr. Riches remains so passionate about her work and her new role in the division of hematology and oncology.

To support Team CBC – Crushing Blood Cancers, and Dr. Riches, please visit