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Krishan Sivaraj, MD, MPH, has been selected as the Inpatient Carolina Care ‘House Officer of the Year’ Award. Dr. Sivaraj demonstrates exemplary care for patients in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. He works with his team to advance a care plan when needed and has become a role model for interns. Not only is Dr. Sivaraj skilled, he is also compassionate.

“I am honored to have received the Inpatient Carolina Care House Officer of the Year Award,” Dr. Sivaraj said. “It means so much to be acknowledged for my work in the inpatient world, and I am grateful to those who nominated me. In my eyes, Carolina Care is the gold standard of medical practice. To provide Carolina Care is to assemble the cumulative ability of our students, residents, attendings, pharmacists, nurses, support staff, social workers, logistics coordinators, and so on, to not only optimize patient outcomes, but to also maximize wellness for all members of the Carolina Care team. I look forward to many more years of collaboration with the UNC community and again extend my appreciation to those who acknowledged me for this award, and to those who guided me into this system.”

Dr. Sivaraj’s achievement with be celebrated Friday, Oct. 21 at 2pm during the Carolina Care Award Ceremony. Stop by the 4th floor Clinic Auditorium to celebrate this year’s individual winners.