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Photo of residents by Brian Strickland

Internal Medicine Residency Program

The UNC internal medicine program consists of 27 categorical residents, two physician scientist residents per year, 6 preliminary residents, and 6 combined medicine/pediatrics residents per year – for a total of 115 residents. Resident autonomy, camaraderie, and a strong sense of community are the core values of the program. UNC residents are the beneficiaries of uncommonly dedicated faculty and an innovative educational curriculum.

Visit the Residency Program website.


Physician Scientist Training Program

Photo of Dr. Beckman by Chris PolydoroffThe Department of Medicine is committed to the development of physician-scientists and now will offer a program to recruit and train young physicians who intend to pursue academic careers devoted to medical research. This program will allow candidates with significant research experience (PhD, MPH, or equivalent research background) to complete Internal Medicine residency, fellowship, and postdoctoral research training via the ABIM Research Pathway.

Visit the Physician Scientist Training Program website.

Conferences and Lectures

House staff training is also dependent on a variety of planned conferences and rounds sessions. These include the following:

Grand Rounds – Thursday, 12 noon. A one-hour presentation based on clinical issues. An attempt is made to incorporate recent developments in the topic area of interest. The guest speakers are invited by the Chairman of the Department of Medicine and are generally regarded as the thought leaders in their respective fields.

View schedule & archived lectures.

Photo of Dr. Paul Hayashi presenting Grand Rounds by Chris Polydoroff.Interns Conference – Wednesday, 12 noon. This extremely popular conference is geared specifically toward the interns. A core curriculum of topics relevant to patient care is presented by chiefs, faculty and fellows. Some of the topics include GI bleeding, placing central and arterial lines, reading EKGs, ventilator basics and radiology for interns.

Evidence Based Medicine Conference – Friday, 12 noon. This is a weekly one-hour discussion of current literature pertaining to diagnosis, therapy and management of clinical problems. The residents are divided by PGY year for individual discussion led by a member from each year. Faculty expert in evidence-based medicine attend and offer their feedback.

Morning Report – Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, 7:45 AM. These are one-hour daily discussions of patients on one or more of the medical services. The topic is organized by the chief residents with the assistance of the chairman of the department, the program director, and/or a faculty member with special expertise in the problems being discussed. Second and third year residents lead the discussions. This is an extremely interactive session with residents and faculty working the case up together to reach a diagnostic conclusion with numerous teaching points along the way. The upper level resident presenting the case then summarizes the disease in a short power point presentation which is posted online for easy access.

Core Curriculum of Internal Medicine Seminar – Monday, Tuesday 12 noon. A twice weekly noon time lecture series for all residents. Faculty review important topics in Internal Medicine.

Ambulatory Care Conference – Wednesday, 12 noon. This conference led by faculty with specific knowledge of ambulatory health care issues addresses those topics most relevant to care of patients in the outpatient setting.

Business Meeting – Monthly meeting of the house staff, departmental chairman and program director. This is an informal discussion of issues pertinent to the residency program and led by the chief residents.

X-Ray Rounds – Scheduling of X-ray rounds is determined on a team-by-team basis, depending on the service and attending. These often happen on a weekly basis and allows the ward teams to review radiologic studies on their patients with radiology faculty.


Photo of residents by Brian Strickland. Photo of Dr. Beckman and Dr. Paul Hayashi by Chris Polydoroff.