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Residents in break roomAt UNC, residents gain tremendous exposure to a wide breadth of clinical diseases in both inpatient and outpatient settings. UNC holds the distinct position as the state hospital of North Carolina, and we take pride in caring for our local community. At the same time, UNC is also recognized as a major academic center and attracts patients from widespread regions, many of whom seek the expertise of our renowned faculty. Our unique subspecialty ward structure offers residents the chance to work with and learn directly from those experts in subspecialty fields. It also provides residents appropriate autonomy when managing general medicine conditions.

In addition to their time at UNC, residents spend time at WakeMed Hospital. This rotation exposes residents to a distinct patient population, including the uninsured and underserved. Residents see a high volume of “bread and butter” medicine cases as well as many undifferentiated diagnostic challenges.

Our outpatient clinical experience is designed to train outstanding general internists. We seek to empower residents to take on the role of primary care physician starting from the first day of intern year. Residents care for patients with complex medical histories, and throughout their time, residents gain the skill set necessary to not only manage chronic medical conditions but also deliver preventative medicine.

Finally, our educational conferences provide a more formalized teaching experience for our residents. One of the highlights includes our interactive morning report conferences, which centers around a diagnostic or management dilemma. Faculty routinely attend these conferences and share clinical pearls that our residents take back with them to the wards. With all of our educational conferences, the goal is to reaffirm the principles that residents learn during their clinical experiences.