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Education Conference

Resident Report:

Resident Reports are resident-led discussions utilizing a case-based format during the first half of noon conference on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays. These are cases that residents draw from their own clinical experiences both on the wards and in clinic. Residents utilize a broad range of presentation formats with the support of Chief Residents during the development process. Learning focuses on a variety of topics, from developing diagnostic skills to specifics of a particular medical condition. Sessions are conversational, involving residents, faculty members and our program director who enjoy working through cases together and sharing teaching points along the way. Conference presentations are shared online for all to view.

Intern Curriculum:

A dedicated curriculum geared towards intern learning takes place every Tuesday during the second half of noon conference. This curriculum is equipped with high yield topics intended to help interns excel in their transition to residency and foster a sense of community amongst the class.

Faculty Led Teaching:

Faculty teaching takes place during the second half of noon conference on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. These teaching sessions are led by a variety of medical educators who are experts in their field and include topics relevant to both inpatient and outpatient patient care. Within faculty teaching are interactive longitudinal series on developing point-of-care ultrasound, EKG interpretation, and radiology review skills.

Physical Exam Rounds

An optional conference led by resident-attending pairings to bring learning back to the bedside with a collegial atmosphere. These sessions are small group opportunities to hone physical exam skills that are key in developing adept diagnosticians. Resident leaders are often individuals rotating on our medicine education elective.

Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)

To help foster resident competence in ultrasound skills, we are starting a longitudinal POCUS curriculum for interested residents that will span the academic year. Residents will have dedicated teaching during their elective or clinic time (about every 4-6 weeks). They will participate in morning hands-on teaching sessions and focused image review teaching during that time. They will build on their POCUS portfolios while on inpatient rotations and nights and will also participate in journal clubs and POCUS-focused resident conferences, which will be paired with an ultrasound lecture by one of our skilled faculty members.

All residents will also receive POCUS training through their rotations in the ICU, ED, and on the Medicine Procedure Service, monthly noon conference lectures, and hands on teaching and practice during Academic Half Days.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds brings home institution, nationally, and globally diverse speakers to UNC every Thursday during the academic school year. Guest speakers are invited by the Chairman of the Department of Medicine and are generally regarded as the thought leaders in their respective fields, frequently incorporating recent developments in their field of expertise.

Ontjes Teaching Curriculum

Due to the generous support of David Ontjes, MD, the Department was able to offer this curriculum for residents interested in developing further their teaching skills. Dr. David Ontjes was the fourth Chair of the Department of Medicine and served from 1981-1989. These seminars are conducted twice a month by department faculty who are recognized as effective expert teachers. During each seminar, there is a presentation of information and then interactive work/discussion with the residents.
Residents thought there was a great value in this series in that they all thought they would be more effective teachers as a result of their participation. They enthusiastically endorsed continuing the seminar and expanding the number of seminars for this year to include the following:
• How to give feedback.
• How to teach an evidence based physical exam.
• How to lead small groups.
• Large group teaching.
• How to give a chalk talk.
• How to establish a pattern of lifelong learning.
• How to design a curriculum.

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