Grand Rounds

Every Thursday afternoon. The guest speakers are invited by the Chairman of the Department of Medicine and are generally regarded as the thought leaders in their respective fields. An attempt is made to incorporate recent developments in the topic area of interest.

Intern Conference

Every Wednesday afternoon. This extremely popular conference is geared specifically toward the interns. A core curriculum of topics relevant to patient care is presented by chiefs, faculty and fellows. Some of the topics include GI bleeding, placing central and arterial lines, reading EKGs, ventilator basics and radiology for interns.

Evidence Based Medicine Conference

Every Friday afternoon. This is a weekly one-hour discussion of current literature pertaining to diagnosis, therapy and management of clinical problems. The meeting is facilitated by an attending skilled in evidence based medicine, a chief resident and one upper level resident. Each resident typically helps to facilitate one EBM conference as a second year and one as a third year.

Morning Report

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. These are 45 minute daily discussions of a variety of patients and clinical presentations. Topics rotate between prepared / “diagnosis known” cases presented by residents on elective months and acute / “in the works” patients presented by the night float team. The discussion is facilitated by the chief residents with the assistance of the chairman of the department, the program director, and several faculty members with special expertise in the problems being discussed. This is an extremely interactive session with residents and faculty working the case up together to reach a diagnostic conclusion with numerous teaching points along the way. The upper level resident presenting the case then summarizes the disease in a short power point presentation which is posted online for easy access.

Core Curriculum of Internal Medicine

Mondays, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons. This lecture series is geared towards all residents. Expert faculty review important topics in Internal Medicine.

Ambulatory Care Conference

Every Wednesday afternoon in the Ambulatory Care Center. This conference led by faculty with specific knowledge of ambulatory health care issues addresses those topics most relevant to care of patients in the outpatient setting.

Ontjes Teaching Curriculum

Due to the generous support of David Ontjes, MD, the Department was able to offer this curriculum for residents interested in developing further their teaching skills. Dr. David Ontjes was the fourth Chair of the Department of Medicine and served from 1981-1989. These seminars are conducted twice a month by department faculty who are recognized as effective expert teachers. During each seminar, there is a presentation of information and then interactive work/discussion with the residents.

Residents thought there was a great value in this series in that they all thought they would be more effective teachers as a result of their participation. They enthusiastically endorsed continuing the seminar and expanding the number of seminars for this year to include the following:

  • How to give feedback.
  • How to teach an evidence based physical exam.
  • How to lead small groups.
  • Large group teaching.
  • How to give a chalk talk.
  • How to establish a pattern of lifelong learning.
  • How to design a curriculum.

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