Outpatient Clinic Experience

The UNC Internal Medicine Clinic is a level 3 certified medical home, received NCQA Diabetes Recognition, and has received the award for the highest performing practice in the Primary Care Improvement Collaborative at UNC.  Categorical medicine residents average three half day clinics per month at the Ambulatory Care Clinic (ACC), located at the main UNC campus. Interns usually have about 60 patients in their panel during the first year, and will gain new patients as the year progresses.

The Typical Clinic Day

  • Clinic is precepted by our general medicine attendings whose clinical duties for that session are focused on the residents.
  • Interns and residents have 30 minutes for return visits and 60 minutes for new visits.
  • Interns will see between 4-5 patients and upper level residents will see 5-6.
  • Clinic generally finishes around 4:30 pm, after which interns and residents go home and do not have to go back to the hospital.

Continuity Clinic Month

All categorical interns spend a dedicated month learning outpatient medicine.
The curriculum includes:

  • Rotations with enhanced care clinics such as Pain, Diabetes, Coagulation, Travel, Hospital Follow-up, and Pre-operative clinics.
  • Individualized mentoring in attendings’ clinics.
  • Standardized curriculum in Quality Improvement through the IHI Open School.
  • Completion of a Quality Improvement project with the help of a dedicated faculty advisor that often leads to poster presentations at regional and national meetings.
  • Standardized joint injection training.

Enhanced Care Clinic Support

As part of our medical home certification, we have several physician assistants, nurse practitioners and clinical pharmacists who work with residents to provide support for patients requiring anticoagulation, diabetes, and pain control. They see patients independently for dedicated follow up visits and will make any needed medication adjustments. Pain management is an independent program as a part of the ACC Internal Medicine clinic. This is invaluable service that is offered to help manage patients requiring chronic narcotics. We also have several clinical care assistants who help to manage durable medical equipment paperwork and prior-authorization requests.

Same Day Clinic

A dedicated outpatient rotation with both interns and residents to manage internal medicine patients with acute illnesses or injuries. Housestaff gain experience with common acute care management, office-based procedures, microscopy for wet-prep or crystal analysis. This is also the setting where upper level residents gain experience managing the after-hours clinic pager, which is triaged by a nursing hotline.

Beyond the ACC

For those interested in subspecialty fellowships, there are options for rotations in Pulmonary, Hematology / Oncology, Hepatology, and Cardiology clinics.

Clinic Resources