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Eduardo Lopez Martinez, MD - Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Eduardo Lopez Martinez, MD

Second Year Fellow

Eduardo Lopez Martinez, MD

Second Year Fellow


Describe your path to finding medicine as a career?
I’ve always been intrigued by the question “why?”. From the simplest to the most complex of things, this is a question that has driven me to become the kind of professional that I am. This, combined with my love for helping people, led me to medicine and ultimately to Endocrinology.

What were your reasons for choosing UNC for your training in endocrinology?
I’ve always been drawn to healthcare systems that treat the uninsured and underinsured. Systems that serve as a safety net for all people, no matter income, race, color, or background. UNC seemed to be a great place where my passion to help the disadvantaged and thirst for knowledge could flourish together. My interactions with faculty and fellows, made me realize that UNC had kind and humane people that shared similar values.

What is your favorite hormone and why?
I would say that my favorite hormone is thyroxine because I think it’s the protype for understanding how everything in endocrinology works. It’s produced in the thyroid, but it exerts change in every part of your body, from your brain to the tip of your toenails.

What kind of research projects/scholarly work are you involved in?
Currently looking to identify ways of improving “no show” rates in endocrinology clinic for Hispanic patients. I’m passionate about breaking the language barrier between providers and patients, in hopes of improving physician-patient relationship and providing more humane care.

Now that you are here as a fellow, what is the top selling point you would tell someone considering fellowship at UNC?
The program is genuinely invested in your personal and professional goals as a future endocrinologist. They don’t limit your aspirations and try their best to provide the necessary tools so that each fellow can meet their career goals. The responsiveness to feedback and implementation of changes by leadership is very efficient. UNC is a place where kindness meets brains, and together these are used to best serve the people of North Carolina.

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    Ponce School of Medicine

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    Baylor College of Medicine