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Jalal El-Akawi, MD - Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Jalal El-Akawi, MD

Second Year Fellow

Jalal El-Akawi, MD

Second Year Fellow


Describe your path to finding medicine as a career?
I was always fascinated by the physiology of the human body, cell biology, and the cause of disease. As a school student, my interest was enriched and grew not only by learning human biology at school but also by learning from my father, who has an MD/Ph.D. degree. I like the intellectual challenges medicine gives in its daily practice; it’s also rewarding to see the impact of successful treatment in patients’ lives. Medicine is the profession that fits my personality the most. Applying science and knowledge to care for people when they are vulnerable is such a great honor! My decision to study medicine was the easiest decision I had to make!

What were your reasons for choosing UNC for your training in endocrinology?
UNC is one of the most respected academic institutions in the US. The Department of Endocrinology has many pioneers in the field who endeavor to invest in their fellows. The program leadership tailors each fellow’s training experience to their future goals. Finally, our culture is diverse and collegial, and everyone is fun to be around.

What is your favorite hormone and why?
Adrenaline! It’s the fight or flight hormone, its’ rush in the bloodstream turns you into a superhero…

What kind of research projects/scholarly work are you involved in?
I am mostly interested in inpatient Endocrinology, Endocrine emergencies and thyroid cancer.

Now that you are here as a fellow, what is the top selling point you would tell someone considering fellowship at UNC?
The people! Also, the triangle area is a beautiful area to live in, and it is named the second-best place to live in the US by US News and world report.

  • Medical School

    Jordan University of Science and Technology

  • Residency

    Washington Hospital Center/Georgetown University