Ronald Falk, MD

Ronald Falk, MD, and Nigel Mackman, PhD, FAHA, have been recognized as top-rated experts in their fields in the 2019 ranking by Expertscape.

Falk is the Nan and Hugh Cullman Eminent Professor of Medicine, chair of the department of medicine and co-director of the UNC Kidney Center. Falk’s expertise in vasculitis ranks in the top 0.01% of 67,280 published authors worldwide from 2009 through 2019, based on contributions to 50 articles on the topic.

Mackman is the John C. Parker Distinguished Professor of Medicine in the department of medicine’s division of hematology and oncology and co-director of the UNC Thrombosis and Hemostasis Program. Mackman’s expertise in thrombosis ranks in the top 0.0008% of 124,370 published authors worldwide from 2008 through 2019, based on contributions to 67 articles on the topic.

Nigel Mackman, PhD, FAHA

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