Dr. Grace Prince and Dr. Seyi Fayanju
Grace Prince, MD and Seyi Fayanju, MD

Every year, the UNC Department of Medicine presents the Chair Award to two outstanding residents. At last week’s Medicine Grand Rounds, Dr. Ron Falk recognized Dr. Grace Prince and Dr. Seyi Fayanju for diversity in thought.

“The first award goes to a former chief resident, who was instrumental in leading us all into Fusion Fridays, and for helping us understand how the arts, poetry and music can teach us to care for patients in better ways,” said Falk, chair of the department of medicine.

“The other recipient is finishing his second year, hails from Harvard and Chicago, and has an interesting background that includes environmental studies and work in the financial sector. He has helped us think about the resident setting in new ways.”

Congratulations to Dr. Prince and Dr. Fayanju!