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Division of Geriatric Medicine

Since its inception in 1988, the UNC Geriatric Fellowship Program has attracted a diverse range of physicians interested in the complex medical issues related to an aging population. Several of the program’s previous fellows have joined medical departments dealing with aging and aging research here at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Hear about the Program from a few of our graduates…

Dr. Lauren Hartman, UNC Geriatric Medicine Fellow 2019-2020UNC’s program embodies a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team-based approach to geriatrics. Working so closely with the many disciplines that strive to keep our elders healthy has made me a better physician. I’m interested in outpatient geriatrics and the nursing home environment, quality improvement, and medical education and will pursue these interests as faculty at Wake Forest Medical Center. My fellowship year set me up for success in all of these areas!

–Dr. Lauren Hartman, Wake Forest Medical Center

Dr. Casey Rust UNC Geriatrics Fellow 2019-2020

What sets UNC Geriatrics apart is the breadth of clinical experiences and the wonderful faculty. The best part about the program is the exceptional faculty whose love for teaching is consistently evident.

My experience in this program exceeded my expectations. I think that UNC Geriatrics does a wonderful job at preparing fellows for careers in academics and they strive to make all of us better educators and leaders.

–Dr. Casey Rust, Florida State University College of Medicine, Department of Geriatrics

Juneve Toche, MDI liked the work-life balance that I saw at UNC. It’s very family oriented. If there was one word to describe the atmosphere, it’s ‘warm.’ During my time as a Fellow, I felt like Faculty had a desire to invest in me. That’s the best scenario: seeing leaders investing in learners.

– Dr. Junève Toche, Assistant Professor, Division of Geriatric Medicine, UNC School of Medicine

Former Fellows


Andrew de la Paz, MD
Carissa Lau, MD
David Lynch, MD


Rachelle Hamadi, MD
Lauren Hartman, MD
Casey Rust, MD
Rosanne Tiller, MD


Sheri Mouw, MD
Rui Wen ‘Raven’ Pang, MD
Susanna Thach, MD
Junève Toche, MD


Adam Moskowitz, MD


Joy Norris, MD
Bianca Yoo, MD
Katie Kwaschyn, MD

Additional Geriatric Fellows Alumni

Ben Blomberg, MD
Rebekah Mulligan, MD
Maureen Dale, MD
Stephen Staub, MD
Diane Feldstein, MD
Christine Shenvi, MD, PhD
Adrian Austin, MD, MSCR
Amy Denham, MD, MPH
Mallory McClester Brown, MD
Caroline Mariano, MD
Christina Prather, MD
Grant Williams, MD
Lindsay Wilson, MD, MPH
Marvin McBride, MD, MBA

Britni Hebert, MD
Annette Beyea, DO, MPH
Catherine Hathaway, MD
Michael LaMantia, MD, MPH
Leslie Scheunemann, MD, MPH
Ezquiel ‘Zeke’ Zamora, MD
Trevor Jolly, MBBS
Christine Khandelwahl, DO
David Halpern, MD, MPH
Laura Patel, MD
Hong Yu, MD
Racquel Placide-Daley, MD
Margaret Helton, MD

Carmen Lewis, MD, MPH
Terrence Holt, MD, PhD
Nurem Erdem, MD, MPH
Beth Brubaker, MD
John Harrington, MD, MPH
Malaz Boustani, MD, MPH
Deb Bynum, MD
Eunah Kang Fischer, MD
Jennifer Nau, MD
Theodore ‘Ted’ Johnson, MD
Laurel Coleman, MD
David Johnson, MD
Laura Hanson, MD, MPH