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Division of Geriatric Medicine

UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus

Clinical Care Throughout the Community

UNC School of Medicine’s Division of Geriatric Medicine provides outpatient (primary) care through our UNC Geriatrics clinic in Chapel Hill and inpatient (hospital) care at our Inpatient Geriatrics Service at UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus.

Also, we serve older adults in continuing care retirement centers and long-term care nursing facilities, as well as those in palliative care and hospice programs.

What’s more, we consider it both privilege and passion to help older adults maintain health and independence. Without a doubt, our goal is to provide the highest quality of compassionate care and support to these patients and their families.

Our Services

With certifications in internal or family medicine and geriatric medicine, a Geriatrician is both family doctor (primary care physician) and specialist in diseases of aging. So we understand how aging affects the body and how medications interact with aging brains and bodies. Visit this page for more information on the benefits of seeing a Geriatrician.

Outpatient Care

At UNC Geriatrics we offer:

  • Primary care to maintain health, treat illness, and manage chronic conditions
  • Consultations on conditions related to aging such as dementia, falls, or incontinence
  • Coordination of care with specialists like cardiologists and oncologists
  • Pharmacy consultations to help manage medications and reduce overmedication
  • A Geriatrics social worker with expertise in Home Health referrals, elder abuse, advanced care directives and more
  • Neurology and psychiatry consultations for patients experiencing neurological issues, memory loss, or depression

To make an appointment or get directions, see the UNC Geriatrics clinic page.

Inpatient Care

Our Inpatient Geriatrics service at UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus offers a dedicated service for older patients. Division faculty, including Geriatricians, pharmacists, and nurses, provide care for hospitalized patients at our beautiful Hillsborough Campus.

In addition, if you need hospitalization in the future, ask your physician about Hillsborough as an option. UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus is the first and only “silver” level Geriatrics Emergency Department Accredited (GEDA) hospital in North Carolina. See our UNC Hospitals Hillsborough Campus page for more information.