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Your Primary Care Doctor Is Also Your Aging Specialist 

Though each person ages in their own unique way, medical care predictably becomes more complex with age. A Geriatrician is an expert in how medical conditions interact with aging bodies and multiple medications. Geriatricians are certified in internal medicine or in family medicine, so they bring primary care expertise to their additional qualification in Geriatrics.

Benefits of Geriatric Medicine

As primary care doctors who are aging specialists, Geriatricians:

  • provide care that is informed by the latest research on aging
  • understand how brain function interacts with physical function
  • pay attention to the patient’s life outside the clinic and their daily needs, activities, and abilities
  • work with families and outside specialists to manage and coordinate care
  • help patients plan for a continuum of care and anticipate future health needs
Division Chief Jan Busby-Whitehead and Geriatric NP John Gotelli with residents at the Geriatric Inpatient service at Hillsborough Hospital.
Division Chief Dr. Jan Busby-Whitehead and Geriatrics Nurse Practitioner John Gotelli with Residents at the Inpatient Geriatrics Service at Hillsborough Hospital

Physicians in the Division of Geriatric Medicine train other physicians, Geriatric Medicine Fellows, and Medical Residents to respond effectively to the needs of older adults, no matter where they receive care within the UNC system. We have board certified Geriatricians in family medicine, oncology, palliative care, emergency medicine and more.

Understanding Patient Goals

Our mission is to keep patients healthy, active, independent and maintaining their highest quality of life. We see older adults who are healthy. We also see older adults with multiple chronic conditions who need their doctor to manage many symptoms, illnesses, and issues. Every person ages differently and has their own goals for care.

Geriatric medicine is grounded in understanding patient priorities, values, and goals. What matters most to you? Our Geriatricians want to know.