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Project: Validating Claims-based Definitions for Deprescribing Using Electronic Health Records: Bridging the Gap Between Clinical and Administrative Data Sources North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences

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Led by Dr. Jennifer Lund and Dr. Joshua Niznik, this pilot study seeks to evaluate the performance of Medicare-claims based algorithms for identifying deprescribing against EHR data using a novel linkage between Medicare claims and the University of North Carolina’s electronic health record (EHR) data. Insurance claims capture prescription drug information on a large representative samples of older adults and are ideal for studying medication use.

However, they do not include details about why a patient stopped using a medication, and there are many reasons a patient may stop (e.g., side effects, costs). In this study, we will compare prescription claims data to electronic health records (which contain more clinical information), in order to determine whether or not medications were actually deprescribed, and how well gaps in medication use in prescription claims data can capture intentional deprescribing. The project is a collaboration between Geriatrics, Epidemiology, and Pharmacy.


Co-PI and Mentor

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Jennifer Lund