Cell biology and molecular techniques related to the biliary tract- diagnosis therapy etc.

Coding and Billing Information

Conscious sedation and anesthetic assessment

Cytological techniques in Gastroenterology: EUS, cytology, pancreatic cytology

Drug therapy of Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease

Embryol devel & anat. of the panc & panc ductal system, reg. of panc. growth & differen.

Endoscopic and Surgical Techniques for Acid Peptic Disease

Endoscopic dilatation

Ethical and legal issues in withdrawing nutritional support

Evaluation/pathophysiology/treatment of esophageal varices/gastropathy/ascites

Extraintestinal manifestations of inflammatory bowel disease

Fulminent Hepatic Failure

Functional bowel disease constipation and incontinence: approach to dx and rx

GI Pharmacology – select drugs, mechanisms of action, adverse events

Hepatocellular carcinoma/cholangiocarcionma: diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options

HIV related gastrointestinal disease

IBD Clinical Trials

IBS: Approach to diagnosis and therapy

Liver imaging techniques: what to use when, common pathologic entities

Metabolic response to starvation/undernutrition

Metallic stents: biliary and enteral

Niacin, Thiamine and Riboflavin

Normal histology of the luminal GI tract

Novel approaches to the diagnosis of gasrointestinal cancer

Oral Rehydration pathophysiology and practical aspects

Pathophysiology and treatment of obesity

PBC and PSC, pathology pathophysiology and treatment

Pediatric and congenital hepatobiliary disorders

PH probe testing, scoring system, pitfalls etc., Esophageal Manometry Testing:

Polyp followup/colon cancer screening recommendations

Pre-operative evaluation/postoperative management of patients with liver disease

Prevalence, clinical presentation etc. of bacterial luminal GI tract pathogens

Prevalence, clinical presentation etc. of protozal and fungal pathogens

Provalen Update

Role of H. Pyloric/NSAIDS in acid peptic diseases

Small Bowel Motility

Staging of gastrointestinal cancer, management options and prognosis

The exocrine pancreas

Wilson’s disease/alpha 1 antitrypsin disease/ hemochromatosis