Acute hepatitis B

Acute hepatitis C

Acute pseudo-obstruction (Ogilvy’s syndrome)

Advances in Rx therapy for hepatitis C

Ampullary cancer

Angiography for obscure GI bleeding

Biologics in pregnancy

Bleeding of obscure origin secondary to a) lymphangioma and b) pancreatic heteropia

Bloody diarrhea secondary to CMV in a patient with underlying ALD

Cachexia from pancreatic insufficiency – refeeding syndrome


Carcinoid of the terminal ileum

Inhalent celiac disease

Chagas disease and achalasia

Chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction and JC virus

Colon cancer risk in PSC

Colon capsule endoscopy

Colonic adenocarcinoma mets to esophagus w/stent placement

Colonic ischemia in 27-yo f w/vasculitis, rash, hematuria > polyarteritis nodosa

Colonoscopy and music

Constrictive pericarditis vs restrictive cardiomyopathy

Consulting (GI – inpatient pattern)

C-V screening for athletes

Cystic duct mass containing pancreatic tissue

Deglutition: syncope secondary to vagal-vagal hyper-reactivity

Diarrhea as a side effect while taking Arthrotec (misoprostil)

Diarrhea in cancer patient – multifactorial + chemotherapy effect

Dilated appendix

DILI statins in liver disease

Downsizing HCC vs OLT eligibility

Duodenal varices

Dysplasia-associated lesion or mass

Elevated HCT and acute pancreatitis

EMR of superficial squamous cell carcinoma

Enterocolitic neutropenic typhlitis

Eosinophilic gastroenteritis

Episodic nocturnal vomiting

Fructose intolerance and IBS

Gallbladder polyps

Gastric remnant cancer

Large gastric ulcer secondary to MALT lymphoma

Gastric volvulus

Can symptoms of globus result from gastric inlet patch?

Granulomatous liver disease (especially sarcoid)

HCV and cirrhosis

HCV Rx and liver transplant

Resistant heartburn

Hepatitis B in a dental student

Hepatotoxicity due to excess alfusozin (Tylenol)

Hiatal hernia

IBS and constipation

Identification of persons at low risk for colon cancer

Ileo-cecal ulcer in Bechet’s syndrome

Effects of immunosuppression on cancer

Infertility and celiac disease

Interventional endoscopy

Intractable idiopathic diarrhea

Juvenile polyposis

Liver function in anorexia nervosa

Lynch syndrome

Malabsorption s/p bariatric surgery (intestinal bypass 1977)

Metastatic Crohn’s disease

Muir-Torre syndrome

Obliterative portal venopathy, NASH, and portal fibrosis in Turner syndrome

Pancreatic enzyme replacement products

“Pancreatic incidentalomas”

Problematic pancreatic pockets (pseudocysts and other cystic lesions)

Parvovirus and hepatopathy

Peliosis hepatis

Persistent elevated alkaline phosphatase: bx septitemia secondary to biliary obstruction

Pharyngeal anesthesia

Pill esophagitis

Pneumoperitoneum (recurrent)

Polyposis in the antrum/cardia – juvenile polyposis/hamartoma

Poor prep hiding cecal lesion

Portal thrombosis in thrombocytosis – use of anticoagulant or not?

Post-ERCP pancreatitis: wire-guided to reduce risk

Post-operative recurrence of Crohn’s

PPIs: inefficacy in treating COPD and laryngeal symptoms

Protein-induced hepatic encephalopathy

Pseudochylous ascites

Rectal exam/disempaction in a neutropenic patient

Rome algorithms


Screening for anal cancer

Severe post-surgical diarrhea > Munchausen

Silent aspiration

Skin cancer in IBD

Small bowel adenocarcinoma in Crohn’s disease

Small tubular polyps post-polypectomy surveillance

Stevens-Johnson syndrome secondary to Cymbalta

Subacute Budd-Chiari

Transanal excision of rectal cancer

Transjugular liver biopsy > hepatic hydrothorax

Ulcerative colitis: beyond the standard review

Ulcerative colitis and PSC overlap

Update on management of hepatorenal syndrome

Use of probiotics in ulcerative colitis: VSL3 +/- benefit

Use of Remeron (mirtazyoine) for functional vomiting

Use of Smart Pill for motility

Veno-occlusive disease or “sinusoidal obstruction syndrome”

Viral hepatitis in infertility

Visceral hypersensitivity

Whipple’s disease