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Jama M. Darling, MD | Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Jama M. Darling, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Contact Information



8014 Burnett-Womack Building
Chapel Hill, NC 27599


Jama M. Darling, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Areas of Interest

Viral hepatitis outcomes especially in special populations such as immunocompromised patients Autoimmune and cholestatic liver diseases Hepatic involvement of Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT)


The majority of my time is spent taking care of patients with all forms of acute and chronic liver disease including pre and post liver transplant patients. I have an active outpatient practice as well as perform endoscopy primarily on patients with GI bleeding complications of cirrhosis. I also attend on the inpatients hepatology consult service caring for patients with advanced liver disease and acute liver failure. I participate primarily in clinical trials involving viral hepatitis treatment and outcomes as well as new therapies for autoimmune and cholestatic liver diseases. I serve as the GI faculty member for the UNC HHT Center of Excellence.

I enjoy teaching residents, fellows and other medical providers. I started the UNC Transplant Hepatology Fellowship program and remain very involved with GI and Hepatology fellows’ education. I participate in a unique program to combat the rise in hepatitis C (HCV) in North Carolina. The Carolina Hepatitis Academic Mentoring Program (NC CHAMP) is a telementoring model designed to expand access for people infected with HCV particularly in rural and difficult to reach areas in NC.

  • Undergraduate

    Dartmouth College, Biology

  • Medical School

    University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center

  • Residency

    UT Southwestern, Internal Medicine

  • Fellowship

    Stanford University, Gastroenterology

  • Advanced Fellowship

    University of California San Francisco, Hepatology

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