Division of Hematology and Oncology



Jen-Yea Chang, PhD Hemostasis and thrombosis
Raj Kasthuri, MD Hemostasis and thrombosis
Nigel Key, MD, ChB, FCRP Hemostasis and thrombosis; hemophilia; endothelial cell and vascular damage; PI on the T32 training grant in hematology
Alice Ma, MD Director of the Fellowship Program; hemostasis and thrombosis; platelet disorders; hemophilia and bleeding disorders; women’s health
Nigel Mackman, PhD Hemostasis and thrombosis
Stephan Moll, MD Thrombosis, thrombophilia, anticoagulation, hemostasis
Dougald Monroe, PhD Hemostasis and thrombosis, endothelial cell biology and mechanisms of vascular repair
Micah Mooberry, MD Hemostasis and thrombosis
Rafal Pawlinski, PhD Role of coagulation proteases in the pathology of cardiovascular diseases, hematologic disorders and neuroinflammation
Brandi Reeves, MD Myeloproliferative disorders; bone marrow failure syndromes