About Our Program

UNC-GO is focused solely on the training of residents and fellows enrolled in American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) certified programs in Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Radiation or Urology who plan to pursue academic careers in Oncology with a focus on older patients. Our overarching goal is to develop a cadre of physician/scholars who can provide national leadership in the growing research field of Geriatric Oncology.

Our specific focus — Geriatric Oncology – is unique as it provides training in Geriatrics which is essential to developing the highest quality research studies for older cancer patients, and partnering senior geriatricians and oncologists to provide mentorship for research projects. UNC-GO trainees will:

  1. Learn the fundamental principles of Geriatric care including basic principles of Geriatrics that will include both didactic and clinical experiences and training in research methods.
  2. Understand the breadth of research at the interface of Geriatrics and Oncology, with an emphasis on acquiring methodologic skills for conducting translational/clinical and/or health services research focused on treatment, quality of life, and survival issues relevant to older persons diagnosed with cancer.
  3. Develop research expertise by developing and implementing mentored research projects as they relate to clinical/translation and/or health services research in older cancer patients with publication of at least one geriatric oncology research project during the training grant period.
  4. Develop professional skills required for successful physician/scholar careers, including identifying a research topic and developing research questions, designing a research plan, presenting research findings, writing for publication, and securing research funding.

The UNC-GO program trains, mentors, and develops Geriatric Oncology trainees through: (1) a specialized core curriculum; (2) a mentored research experience; and (3) professional development enrichment activities. The UNC-GO emphasizes research training that is flexible and tailored to meet each trainee’s needs while promoting a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to Geriatric Oncology research.

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