Lisa Carey, MD
Chief, Division of Hematology and Oncology
The Richardson and Marilyn Jacobs Preyer Distinguished Professor in Breast Cancer Research
Physician-in-Chief, North Carolina Cancer Hospital
Associate Director for Clinical Research, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
Administrative Assistant –

Nigel Key, MD
Vice Chief Benign Hematology
Administrative Assistant –

Hyman Muss, MD
Vice Chief Solid Tumor
Administrative Assistant –

Jonathan Serody, MD
Vice Chief Hematologic Malignancies
Administrative Assistant – Lillian Kamau

Tom Shea, MD
Director of the BMT Service Line
Administrative Assistant – Delina Teasley

Associate Chief of Administration
Administrative Assistant –
(919) 966-4433

Other SPA and EPA Non-Faculty Staff

Starr Church
Benign Hematology Section
Sickle Cell Program Manager
Administrative Officer
(919) 966-0178

Christine Hill
University Program Specialist
Benign Hematology Section
UNC HTC 340B Pharmacy Program
(919) 843-3960

Steven Humes, MPH
Hemophilia Program
Regional Coordinator
(919) 843-0527

Sam Middleton, Jr.
Urologic Oncology Program Manager
(919) 843-7942

Clerical Staff


Accounting Specialist
(919) 966-2268

(919) 966-5586


Sakura Bolarinwa
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Trevor Jolly, Dr. Hyman Muss, and Dr. Katherine Reeder-Hayes

Caitlyn Carmean
Divisional Human Resources Support
(919) 966-2891

Elizabeth England
Benign Hematology Section
Sickle Cell Program
(919) 966-0178

Susan Ferguson
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Timothy Brotherton, Dr. Christopher Dittus, Dr. Matt Foster, Dr. Natalie Grover, Dr. Simon Khagi, Dr. William Kim, Dr. Tracy Rose, Dr. Hendrik Van Deventer, Dr. Young Whang

Eden Gifford
Cancer Outcomes Research Program
Program Coordinator
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Ethan Basch
(919) 962-5357

Jeanne Guerra
Breast Section
Executive Assistant to Dr. Lisa Carey
(919) 843-6814

Melissa Haines
Clinical Protocol Office Liaison
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Claire Dees, Dr. Carrie Lee, and Dr. Hanna Sanoff
(919) 843-7719

Robin Haring
Comprehensive Cancer Support Program
Department of Psychiatry
Administrative Assistant Specialist to Dr. Donald Rosenstein
(919) 966-3494

Sabrina Harris
Benign Hematology Section
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Jen-Yea Chang, Raj Kasthuri, Dr. Nigel Key, Dr. Jane Little, Dr. Dougald Monroe, Dr. Stephen Moll, Dr. Micah Mooberry, Dr. Rafal Pawlinski, and Dr. Brandi Reeves
(919) 966-3311

Christine Hill
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Nigel Key and Dr. Nigel Mackman
(919) 843-3960

Lillian Kamau
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Paul Armistead, Dr. James Coghill, Dr. Jonathan Serody, and Dr. Benjamin Vincent
(919) 962-8409

Shaq Khan
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Marjory Charlot, Dr. Juneko Grilley-Olson, Dr. Eben Lichtman, Dr. Jane Little, Dr. Shetal Patel, Dr. Brandi Reeves, Dr. Sascha Tuchman, and Dr. Jared Weiss
(919) 843-7718

Terri King
Fellowship Training Program Assistant
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Frances Collichio and Dr. Alice Ma
(919) 966-1996

Colleen MacDonagh
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Cheryl Carlson, Dr. Catherine Coombs, Dr. Katarzyna Jamieson, Dr. Mike Lee, Dr. Autumn McRee, Dr. Stergios Moschos, Dr. William Wood, Dr. Joshua Zeidner
(919) 966-5902

Sam Middleton, Jr.
Urologic Oncology Program Manager
Executive Assistant to Dr. Matthew Milowsky
(919) 843-7942

Delina Teasley
Advanced Practice Provider Coordinator
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Anne Beaven, Dr. Satish Gopal, Dr. Marcie Riches, Dr. Thomas Shea
(919) 966-7746