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Hillary Spangler, MD, presented lessons learned from UNC’s Medicine Procedure Service.

Faculty from the division of hospital medicine were well represented at the recent Society of Hospital Medicine’s Annual Meeting.

Ria Dancel, MD, associate professor of medicine and pediatrics, was invited to participate in a debate about the growth of virtual medicine technology, and whether the trend is positive or negative in the context of different topics.

Of the 10 research abstracts selected for oral presentations, two were from UNC. Chief Resident Hillary Spangler, MD, supported by Dancel, Emily Sturkie, MD, and John Stephens, MD, presented lessons learned from the five-year experience of UNC’s Medicine Procedure Service.

Ria Dancel, MD, participated in a debate about the growth of virtual medicine technology.

Babette Stern, MD, assistant professor of medicine, spoke about the prognostic utility of daily COVID-19 labs and data she observed with James Sasaki-Adams, MD, Naseem Alavian, MD, and Carlton Moore, MD, MS.