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Frequency and yield of blood cultures for observation patients with skin and soft tissue infections

Sturkie EK, Moore CR, Caulfield CA, Schmid E, Lachiewicz AM, Stephens JR

Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum in a Patient with COVID-19 Pneumonia

Alavian N, Stephens JR, DeWalt DA

Comparative outcomes between COVID-19 and influenza patients placed on veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for severe ARDS

Raff LA, Reid TD, Johnson D, Raff EJ, Schneider AB, Charles AG, Gallaher JR

Measles outbreak in Western Uganda: a case-control study

Walekhwa AW, Ntaro M, Kawungezi PC, Achangwa C, Muhindo R, Baguma E, Matte M, Migisha R, Reyes R, Thompson P, Boyce RM, Mulogo EM

Ascertaining Framingham heart failure phenotype from inpatient electronic health record data using natural language processing: a multicentre Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) validation study

Moore CR, Jain S, Haas S, Yadav H, Whitsel E, Rosamand W, Heiss G, Kucharska-Newton AM

Dihydroartemisinin-Piperaquine Chemoprevention and Malaria Incidence After Severe Flooding: Evaluation of a Pragmatic Intervention in Rural Uganda

Boyce RM, Hollingsworth BD, Baguma E, Xu E, Goel V, Brown-Marusiak A, Muhindo R, Reyes R, Ntaro M, Siedner MJ, Staedke SG, Juliano JJ, Mulogo EM

SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Health Care Personnel and Their Household Contacts at a Tertiary Academic Medical Center: Protocol for a Longitudinal Cohort Study

Ciccone EJ, Zivich PN, Lodge EK, Zhu D, Law E, Miller E, Taylor JL, Chung S, Xu J, Volfovsky A, Beatty C, Abernathy H, King E, Garrett HE, Markmann AJ, Rebuli ME, Abernathy H, Weber DJ, Reyes RAlavian N, Juliano JJ, Boyce RM, Aiello AE

Outcomes Associated With High- Versus Low-Frequency Laboratory Testing Among Hospitalized Children

Stephens JR, Hall M, Markham JL, Tchou MJ, Cotter JM, Shah SS, Steiner MJ, Gay JC

Implementation of an academic hospital medicine procedure service: 5-year experience

Spangler H, Dancel R, Stephens J

Evaluation and optimization of a clinical pharmacist driven transitions of care model for malignant hematology

Wind LS, Knight TG, Auten JJ, Bates JS, Marucci L, Creeedle CJ, Foster MC, Muluneh B

Opportunities for Stewardship in the Transition From Intravenous to Enteral Antibiotics in Hospitalized Pediatric Patients

Cotter JM, Hall M, Girdwood ST, Stephens JR, Markham JL, Gay JC, Shah SS

Malaria prevalence and long-lasting insecticidal net use in rural western Uganda: results of a cross-sectional survey conducted in an area of highly variable malaria transmission intensity

Cote CM, Goel V, Muhindo R, Baguma E, Ntaro M, Shook-Sa BE, Reyes R, Staedke SG, Mulogo EM, Boyce RM