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Long-term quality of integrated community case management care for children in Bugoye Subcounty, Uganda: a retrospective observational study

Miller JS, Mulogo EM, Wesuta AC, Mumbere N, Mbaju J, Matte M, Ntaro M, Guiles DA, Patel PR, Bwambale S, Kenney J, Reyes R, Stone GS

Use of troponins in the classification of myocardial infarction from electronic health records. The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study

Kucharska-Newton AM, Loop MS, Bullo M, Moore C, Haas SW, Wagenknecht L, Whitsel EA, Heiss G

Establishment of achievable benchmarks of care in the neurodiagnostic evaluation of simple febrile seizures

Stephens JR, Hall M, Molloy MJ, Markham JL, Cotter JM, Tchou MJ, Aronson PL, Steiner MJ, McCoy E, Collins ME, Shah SS

Permethrin-treated baby wraps for the prevention of malaria: results of a randomized controlled pilot study in rural Uganda

Boyce RM, Muhindo E, Baguma E, Muhindo R, Shem B, François R, Hawke S, Shook-Sa BE, Ntaro M, Nalusaji A, Nyehangane D, Reyes R, Juliano JJ, Siedner MJ, Staedke S, Mulogo EM