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Division of General Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology

Enhanced Care Training Programs

Care Assistant Traineeship 

We are not accepting applications at this time.

Care Assistant Traineeship Opportunities at UNC Internal Medicine

The UNC Internal Medicine Clinic is dedicated to improving the health of North Carolina’s adults. We strive to attain this goal by providing high quality care, performing innovative practice-based research, and training the physicians of the future. We offer primary care services and specialize in the provision of innovative care for medically complex patients with multiple health issues.

Our multidisciplinary disease management Enhanced Care programs (including our Diabetes Program, Heart Failure, Chronic Pain Clinic and Depression Care Program as examples) are anchored by care assistants (CA). These positions offer a great opportunity for graduates considering application to medical school, social work, pharmacy school, physician assistant or nurse practitioner programs to gain experience in the health care setting. Care assistants are full-time employees who participate in direct patient care, program support and quality improvement work. While each Enhanced Care program has a dedicated support team, CA’s will be trained to provide coverage across multiple Enhanced Care programs.

1.  Internal Medicine Chronic Illness Care Traineeship

The Enhanced Care Program aims to support the care of patients with various chronic illnesses that are seen by primary care providers in the UNC General Internal Medicine (GIM) Clinic. The care assistant’s (CA) role is to promote evidence-based disease management practices to ensure the delivery of high quality care in all aspects of chronic illness including diabetes, hospital follow-up, depression, pain and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), to name a few. This includes education, symptom assessment, medication management, inhaler, glucometer and insulin injection instruction, data management and regular phone calls to patients for reinforcement and intervention. CA’s also work in coordination with the clinic’s care manager to provide social service support to patients by connecting them to appropriate agencies for financial assistance for medical services and medications, as well as transportation. 

General Traineeship Details and Application Information

Thank you for your interest in the traineeship positions as listed above. CA’s are not only vital to the delivery of patient care; they also gain exceptional experience to further their careers.

Hourly rate is $15. No benefits are offered. Full-time position meant for current undergrad seniors or applicants with a completed undergraduate or higher. Expected work hours may vary, but are during clinic hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Holidays follow the University calendar. We ask for a one-year commitment to the position.

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