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Outpatient Clinic:

UNC Eastowne Medical Office Building
UNC Eastowne Medical Office Building- location of Infectious Disease Outpatient Clinic

Infectious Diseases Clinic (1/2 day per week for 2 years) NOTE: UNC has permission for fellows to complete their final 6 – 12 months of continuity clinic in Malawi or South Africa):

  • Manage continuous care of HIV patients and become familiar with HAART
  • Learn ACP guidelines for adult vaccination and immunization and apply them
  • Manage patients receiving out-patient antibiotics
  • Provide necessary care to consult patients requiring on-going follow-up
  • See new outpatient consults across all specialties including those with post-op wound infections, joint infections, and fever of unknown origin

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Additional Required Outpatient Rotation:

1. Wake County Health Department STI Clinic (3 weeks/12 days):

  • Develop experience in management of STIs, including recognition of common genitourinary syndromes, and diagnosis and treatment, education and prevention of these infections
  • Obtain exposure to communicable disease management at a local health department.

Additional Optional Outpatient Rotations:

Pinehurst Infectious Diseases Rotation (FirstHealth Infectious Diseases/Moore Regional Hospital, 2 weeks):

  • Learn how to provide first-line ID care in a large community hospital
  • Receive focused training on infections in the elderly, as well as fracture-fixation hardware and prosthetic joint infections
  • Become familiar with management aspects of private practice infectious diseases

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Malawi or South Africa HIV Clinic (up to 12 months continuity clinic):

Note: This is only available to fellows who will be choosing to work in global health as a career and whose research will be based in either of these countries. This option is also dependent on whether University travel is permitted.

  • Manage continuous care of more than 20 HIV patients over six months and become familiar with antiretroviral therapy (ART), resistance mutations, complications of ART, metabolic complications of HIV, prophylaxis of opportunistic infections and health maintenance of HIV infected patients
  • Learn and apply WHO treatment guidelines in a global setting

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