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MRC Gambia

Dr. Carla Cerami is an research scientist at the MRC Gambia. She is also an active member of the Hepcidin in Global Health consortium.

Dr. Cerami received her B.A in Biochemistry from Columbia College. She earned both her MD and PhD from the New York University School of Medicine. Her commitment to Global Health began in earnest during her dissertation work on the circumsporozoite protein of the sporozoite form of the malaria with Dr. Victor Nussenzweig. She subsequently became one of the founders of The Kenneth S. Warren Institute, a non-profit research Institute dedicated to translational global health research and then founded Warren Pharmaceuticals in order to commercially develop the discoveries made at The Warren Institute. During this time, she acquired a wealth of management and clinical development know-how and a broad grasp of all facets of translational research.

Since joining the faculty at UNC, Dr. Cerami has been active in the education of graduate and undergraduate students and has been funded by both the National Institutes of Health and the Gates Foundation.