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Graduate Student

Postdoctoral Fellow

Medical Geography

Varun is a postdoctoral scholar in health and medical geography broadly interested in applying geospatial and analytical methods in epidemiology and disease ecology to examine the population-environment drivers of infectious disease transmission in developing countries. He holds a BA and MS in Geography from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign where he concentrated in the application of GIScience methods to public health outcomes situated at the intersection of human, animal and environmental health. Before pursuing his PhD, he worked with a network of sixty grassroots-level civil society organizations and policy makers to incorporate scientifically robust data driven evidence in agriculture related policy decisions at finer spatial scales. Through his research, he hopes to improve targeted public health interventions through the incorporation of a geospatial context to data and analysis. His other interests include playing badminton and squash, contributing to open source development projects, and cooking large quantity of chickpeas.

  • Department of Geography