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Julia Sung, MD | Division of Infectious Diseases

Julia Sung, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine

Julia Sung, MD, said the study results are a promising advancement for the HIV research field.

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120 Mason Farm Road
CB# 7042
Chapel Hill, NC 27599


Julia Sung, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine


My work currently focuses on means of measuring and enhancing immune responses to HIV-infected cells as they emerge from latency in individuals who have been maintained on suppressive ART. Additionally, my focus in the laboratory has been on the development and optimization of a novel latency clearance assay as a means of evaluating the ability of various immunotherapeutics to clear latent HIV infection. This assay serves as both a tool to evaluate the therapeutic potential of various agents, as well as a mechanism for probing the kinetics of HIV latency reversal. My particular interest is in optimizing and standardizing assays to detect such an enhancement, and elucidating the mechanisms underlying an effective anti-latency immune response.

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