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Marcia Metzgar Hobbs, PhD | Division of Infectious Diseases

Marcia Metzgar Hobbs, PhD

Professor of Medicine

Contact Information


111 Mason Farm Rd.
Room 8309 MBRB
Chapel Hill, NC 27599


Marcia Metzgar Hobbs, PhD

Professor of Medicine

Areas of Interest

Sexually transmitted infections


The Hobbs lab conducts translational research focused on non-viral sexually transmitted infections; the lab supports a variety of research projects aimed directly at diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted infections or the use of these infections as bio-markers in evaluating biomedical or behavioral interventions aimed at STI/HIV prevention. Dr. Hobbs is also active in undergraduate medical education at UNC. She is a co-director of the Foundation Phase and the Microbiology Coil director. She has earned several teaching awards and loves interacting with students.

  • Undergraduate

    Duke University

  • PhD

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill