The Fisher Award is annually presented to residents who are recognized by their peers for being outstanding medical teachers while the Bryan Award recognizes excellence in outpatient medicine. Dr. Deb Bynum and Dr. Karen Kimel-Scott announced the winners on June 6 at Medicine Grand Rounds.

Left to right: Ana Laura Bermúdez, MD, Deb Bynum, MD, Katie Doss, MD, Jared Nathanson, MD, Mary Beth Koethe, MD, and Karen Kimel-Scott, MD.

“Dr. Janet Fisher was the first woman in the department of medicine, known for her dedication to teaching and medical education, and a real commitment to medical students,” said Bynum. “Her family has been incredibly dedicated to medicine at UNC, and we’re fortunate to have Dr. Amelia Drake, her daughter, a professor at UNC, in the audience today.”

The following residents received the Fisher Award: Dr. Ana Laura Bermúdez, Dr. Jared Nathanson, and Dr. Katie Doss.

Dr. Karen Kimel-Scott, associate professor in the division of general medicine, presented the Bryan Award to Dr. Mary Beth Koethe.

“Dr. James Bryan represents excellence in outpatient medicine and so we wanted to recognize excellence in one of our graduating residents, who has been outstanding in clinic, and I think the description of the award really captures her spirit,” said Kimel-Scott. “This award recognizes a resident whose performance in clinic embodies the example set by Dr. James Bryan, showing clinical excellence, positivity, fierce patient ownership, selflessness, and a sense of a higher purpose.”