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Koyal Jain, MD, MPH

Koyal Jain, MD, MPH, associate professor of medicine in the division of nephrology and hypertension, received three teaching awards at the 2021 Whitehead Lecture and Award Ceremony.

Jain was awarded the “Hyman L. Battle Distinguished Excellence in Teaching Award in the Foundation Phase.” This award was established to recognize the most outstanding educator overall for the preclinical curriculum (MS1 and MS2).

She also received the “Foundation Phase Outstanding Director Teaching Award,” recognizing exemplary teaching in the Foundation Phase by a course director, and the “Best Foundation Phase Block Award,” recognizing the best course in the pre-clinical curriculum.

Most recently, Jain was praised for her efforts to create new connections with her students during the pandemic year.  A highlight of the nephrology curriculum was the Department of Medicine’s “A Day in the Life” series. Joined by Keisha Gibson, MD, Jerry Hladik, MD, and Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, MD, Jain took a group of medical students and undergraduates through an immersive look behind the curtain of a nephrologist’s life.

The UNC School of Medicine’s Student Government, formerly known as the Whitehead Medical Society, was named in honor of Dr. Richard H. Whitehead, who served as Dean from 1890-1905. The Whitehead Lecture was established in 1947 to recognize the high standards and leadership of Dr. Whitehead and has been an annual event since 1980. The Whitehead Awards are selected by UNC School of Medicine students.