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Dr. John Buse is the director of the North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute (TraCS), featured on the American Diabetes Association (ADA) TV for advances in diabetes research during the 2018 ADA Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

John Buse, MD, PhD
John Buse, MD, PhD

Everybody knows about UNC and its basketball program, at a place that taught Michael Jordan how to play basketball, but I don’t think people  realize our research strengths,” says Dr. John Buse, chief of the division of endocrinology and metabolism, and director of the NC Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute at UNC in a new video for the ADA.  “In 2017, we won a basketball championship but we were also ranked number six in federal research dollars, across the country.”

ADA’s Scientific Session is the world’s largest meeting on diabetes helping to discover cutting-edge research and new advances in diabetes care. ADA TV raises the visibility of best practices in the field, as well as to highlight collaborations between diverse institutions including university departments, research institutions and private sector organizations.

“The scope and breadth of the science effort in diabetes at UNC is really spectacular,” says Buse. “The last time I checked, over the last 5 years, 150 different investigators had been funded for diabetes research projects across all of the schools on campus, from basic research to clinical research, and even policy work.”

Find the ADA video here: NCTraCS.

Dr. John Buse