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Nigel Key, MB, ChB, FRCP

Nigel Key, MB, ChB, FRCP has been awarded a 5-year, $2.2 million T32 grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). Now closely aligned with the benign hematology research areas of focus in the Blood Research Center (hemostasis, thrombosis and sickle cell disease), the program will continue to recruit MD and PhD trainees for careers in clinical and basic science research. The T32 has been continuously funded since 1976, and has supported 127 trainees to date, including 11 current hematology faculty members (Dougald ‘Mac’ Monroe PhD, Anne Beaven MD, James Coghill MD, Matthew Foster MD, William Wood MD, Micah Mooberry MD, Ben Vincent MD, Erica Sparkenbaugh PhD, Brandi Reeves MD, Yohei Hisada PhD, and Patrick Ellsworth MD. Other notable alumni include Keith Hoots MD (director of the Division of Blood Diseases and Resources at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute) and Peter Agre MD (2003 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry and Director of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute). Directors of the program have included Dr. Harold Roberts (1976-1996), Dr. Beverley Mitchell (1996-2006), and Dr. Nigel Key (2006-present).