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Years of hard work and dreams were folded into envelopes, decorative boxes and other means of message delivery. On March 17th, medical students discovered where their career journey would take them for residency.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Internal Medicine Residency Program paired 27 categorical residents, two Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP) residents, ten preliminary residents, and six Medicine/Pediatrics residents.

This curriculum teaches internists how to provide compassionate, team-based care while incorporating the ideals of life-long learning and teaching into clinical decisions. The program also has a 100 percent ABIM pass rate, which is calculated by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) utilizing annual reports from each Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education-accredited internal medicine residency program.

Learn about the newest additions to our programs here:

Categorical Residents


Olivia Ahearn, MD, MS
Temple University
Joyce Badal PharmD, MD University of Toledo
Jonathan Blohm, MD, MS
University of Arizona
David Cookmeyer, MD
Harvard University
Ben Evenson, MD
Mercer University
Pedro Escobar, MD
Mercer University
Kayla Feagins, MD, MS University of Louisville
Nimit Gandhi, MD
University of Pittsburgh
Emily Hamburger, MD University of Maryland
Gus Hendrick, MD
Dartmouth College
Gavin Kelly, MD
The Ohio State University
Merete Lund, MD
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Angel Miro Gonzalez, MD
Ponce Health Sciences University
Rashmi Muthukkumar, MD
University of North Carolina
Austin Nichols, MD, MA
East Carolina University
Amal Oladuja, MD
Temple University
Mackenzie Owen, MD
The Ohio State University
Chip Peterson, MD
University of North Carolina
Clay Resweber, MD
Temple University
Elizabeth Salisbury, MD
University of North Carolina
Sam Short, MD
University of Vermont
Daniel Song, MD
University of Virginia
Rachel Vetter, MD
University of Nebraska
Hunter Wike, MD
East Tennessee State University
Taylor Williams, MD, MS, MPH
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Brian Wood, MD
University of North Carolina
Leta Yi, MD
Rochester University

PSTP Interns


Manasi Malik, MD, PhD
Washington University in St. Louis
Abbie Zewdu, MD, PhD
The Ohio State University

Preliminary Interns


Carrie Diamond, MD
Duke University


Naishal Patel, MD
University of North Carolina
Alison Hollis, MD
University of North Carolina


Pranalee Patel, MD
Duke University
Simon Jiang, MD
Duke University


Lauren Sibley, MD
University of North Carolina


Preliminary Interns: Ophthalmology

Dipen Kumar, MD
Wayne State University
Karen Lee, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin
Grace Reilly, MD
Drexel University
Gul Shaheed, MD
University of Mississippi