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The department of medicine held the first gathering of fellows across 10 divisions on December 3, 2019, over lunch.

“We want to hear from all of you,” said Ron Falk, MD, chair of the department of medicine. “And to the best of my knowledge; there has never been a gathering of all the clinical fellows in the department at one moment in time.”

“So please stand up, state your name, division, and for grins, your spirit animal.”



fellows-meetingLee Berkowitz, MD, vice chair of education, led a poll designed to understand the needs of medicine fellows and gather feedback about the fellowship experience. Many agreed that getting together on a regular basis, to share and define opportunities for uniformity in practice would be helpful. Falk suggested that a senior fellow be selected from every division to help lead an organized structure across divisions.

Keisha Gibson, MD, MPH, vice chair for diversity and inclusion, Linda Raftery, vice chair for administration, and Deb Bynum, program director for the internal medicine residency program, also attended.

raybould-fellows-meetA follow-up meeting will be scheduled early in the new year.