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David Weber, MD, MPH

North Carolina health officials are expanding the number of locations where you can get a $25 cash card for getting the COVID-19 vaccine or taking someone to get vaccinated. The $25 is meant to offset the time and transportation costs of getting the shot. After a trial period in just a few North Carolina counties, the program is expanding.

David Weber, MD, MPH, professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases, says there are many different issues with vaccine hesitancy, and younger individuals are just one of them.

“You want a goal that pushes you a little bit but is realistic and this was a realistic goal,” said Weber in a WNCN news report of the lagging vaccination rates keeping NC and the US from reaching a July 4 goal to have 70 percent of adults vaccinated.

“It was a good idea to set it. And now we have to work harder and look at the various ways, public health, individual health care providers, the media can help to achieve that goal, and then, ultimately, an even higher goal.”

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