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Division of Nephrology and Hypertension

Nephrology nurses use the nursing process to care for patients of all ages who are experiencing, or are at risk for, kidney disease. Nephrology has been recognized as a specialty for over 35 years. Nephrology nursing involves both preventing disease and assessing the health needs of patients and families. Care spans the life cycle and involves patients who are experiencing the real or threatened impact of acute or chronic kidney disease; therefore nephrology nurses must be well-educated, highly skilled, and motivated. These nurses also deal with every organ system in the body, calling for a holistic approach to patient care that is both challenging and rewarding. Driven by technological and educational advances, nephrology nursing continues to be a dynamic field with a wide variety of career opportunities for nurses at all levels.

View the American Nephrology Nurses Association brochure, “Discover Nephrology Nursing” Brochure

Nephrology Nurse Certification

12 months experience as a registered nurse in a medical-surgical unit or intensive care unit may be required prior to entering nephrology nursing. Certification in nephrology nursing is offered to those nurses meeting the necessary requirements to sit for the exam.

Continuing Education Activities

Professional Organizations