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Click on the image above to watch a new video from the UNC Kidney Center that will provide education for patients.


Brochure ScreenshotASN Kidney News recently recognized the UNC Kidney Center’s new vascular access education materials. Guided by 105 stakeholders, the UNC Kidney Center developed mixed-media vascular access education materials (video and brochure) to support individuals preparing for hemodialysis. The materials ground health information in an authentic voice by acknowledging common patient concerns (e.g., worries about dialysis, needles, disfigurement), and sharing a real patient’s story of moving from reluctance and fear to empowerment and independence.

Preliminary findings suggest they are promising to improve the understanding of vascular access among patients. Read more about the stakeholder-guided process of developing these patient-centered education materials in Kidney360.

Eight “journey stops” help patients navigate their vascular access journeys.

This was a cross-campus collaboration between the UNC School of Medicine and the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media. The team included Adeline Dorough, Julia Narendra, Caroline Wilkie, Akhil Hegde, Kawan Swain, Emily Chang, Terence Oliver, and Jennifer Flythe.

Read more about the study in ASN Kidney News.