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A Look at Genetic DiseasesPodcast Series: A Look at Genetic Diseases

As researchers unlock the secrets of the human genome, testing and treatment for genetic diseases has improved tremendously. This series takes a look at genetic diseases and what we understand about them today, featuring UNC experts who provide up to date information for listeners.

With a leading episode focused on genetic testing and technology, seven specific diseases will be described in-depth throughout this series on questions and concerns that people often have. They explore topics related to genetic testing and when it’s most helpful, and talk about how the incredible advances in technology have changed the testing, treatment, and outlook for many diseases. 

The Chair's Corner is an educational podcast hosted by Dr. Ron Falk, Department of Medicine Chair at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. We hope you'll join Dr. Falk, a caring physician, world-renowned researcher and mentor of young physicians and scientists. He is passionate about helping patients and their caregivers have access to information that's empowering and vital to managing their health conditions. 

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Newest Episode - August 8, 2018: Hemophilia - with Dr. Nigel Key

What is hemophilia? Dr. Nigel Key discusses this genetic disease with Dr. Ron Falk. They talk about how the disease is inherited, the effectiveness of the treatment, and what's on the horizon for gene therapy.

Listen to episodes and learn more about...

Patient Support

Hear From a Patient

  • Alpha-Gal Allergy Patient StoryJoAnne, a patient with alpha-gal allergy, joins Dr. Ron Falk and Dr. Scott Commins to talk about her experience with getting diagnosed with alpha-gal allergy. JoAnne recounts her first allergic reaction to meat, and provides some tips to others for coping and eating with this allergy.  
  • "Celeste Lee on the Power of Patient Engagement" - Dr. Falk interviews Celeste Lee in this special episode on patient engagement. Celeste is described by Dr. Falk as an "astonishing leader and ferocious advocate for patient engagement," and discusses the process of getting patients to become advocates for their health. 
  • David Cole's StoryDavid Cole shares his story in this new podcast on how he went from a very healthy athlete, to a person diagnosed with kidney disease. And then, how his life changed after having a kidney transplant. 
  • Having an Autoimmune Condition...Without Having a Clear Diagnosis - Dr. Falk interviews a patient who tells her experience of developing autoimmune disease symptoms. This patient describes what it's like to deal with symptoms that fit the description of an autoimmune disease process but is unable to receive a clear-cut diagnosis for what is happening. 
  • Kidney Transplant Patient Story - with Kevin Howell - Dr. Ron Falk welcomes Kevin Howell, who is a kidney transplant recipient. Kevin shares his story about getting sick and the challenges he had accepting reality. He talks about being on dialysis while working full-time, finding an unexpected kidney donor, and his recovery to health.
  • Lung Transplant Patient Story - with Andy Nelson - Dr. Ron Falk welcomes Andy Nelson, a person who has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and who received a double lung transplant. He shares his story here about having idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, his journey to getting new lungs, and his recovery since the transplant.
  • Participating in HIV Cure Research - What are some reasons to participate in HIV cure research? A UNC research study participant, Rob, shares his personal reasons, and describes his involvement in recent studies. Dr. David Margolis, who leads HIV cure research at UNC, joins the conversation and describes where cure research is today, including specifics on Vorinostat trials, and where their work is headed.

Interviews with UNC Division Chiefs

  • Dr. John Buse  - Diabetes research and care
  • Dr. Lisa Carey -  Breast cancer research and care at UNC
  • Dr. Shannon Carson - Pulmonary and Critical Care at UNC
  • Dr. Mike Cohen - A discussion on the Zika virus (published Feb 2016)
  • Dr. Joanne Jordan - Osteoarthritis care and current studies in osteoarthritis
  • Dr. Nicholas Shaheen - Gastroenterology & Hepatology; covering topics like heartburn, screenings for colorectal cancer, and some of the exciting things happening in this division and in the field.