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Geriatrics Fellow 2018-2019

Dr. Rui Wen (Raven) Pang grew up in Malaysia. She spent her final two high-school years in Singapore, then studied for a year at Trinity College in Melbourne, Australia (associated with the University of Melbourne) before heading to Moscow for 6 years of medical school at Moscow Medical Academy / Moscow State Medical University. “The US is the only country that does four years of college plus four years of med school,” says Raven. “In other countries, students do one year of college, where they take foundation courses before their medical school training, which takes 6 to 7 years on average.”

Raven says that the reason she initially pursued geriatrics was “to take care of my parents.” She enjoys geriatrics because of the ability to personalize care to every older patient. And because her patients will talk to her about their lives. “I love listening to their stories. How they got to where they are, the struggles they’ve been through, hearing about their families, or even if they have any social support. Many people don’t come to the hospital with family members. Social support is so important for them.”

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