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Professor of Cell Biology and Physiology
Director, Laboratory of Renal Physiology and Vascular Biology

Specialty Areas: Renal Circulation, Vascular Reactivity and Signaling, Genetic Hypertension, Paracrine and autacrine agents.

Chronology: BA, DePauw University, 1966; PhD, Indiana University, 1970; Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana University 1970-71; Postdoctoral Fellow, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1971–74; Assistant & Associate Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1974–86; Professor of Physiology, UNC-Chapel Hill, 1986 – present.

Dr. Arendshorst’s research addresses issues centering on renal vascular reactivity to angiotensin II, endothelin, and thromboxane in genetic hypertension with particular emphasis on the involvement of nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species in the signaling pathways. Receptor subtypes and intracellular messenger systems are assessed. Investigations include in vivo blood flow experiments on whole animals. Calcium measurements in isolated microvessels and smooth muscle cells probe calcium entry channels and mobilization/release channels. Expression is studies in terms of receptors and enzyme mRNA and protein levels in isolated renal microvessels.

Most recent studies focus on NADPH oxidase activity and reactive oxygen species as they participate in the regulation of arterial blood pressure and renal sodium excretion. Dr. Arendshorst investigates mechanisms of action on the renal vasculature and tubules.

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