Our Chair Dr. Ron Falk interviews Residency Program Director Dr. Deb Bynum and former Chief Resident Dr. Evan Shelby in this conversation about residency interviews.

Ron Falk, MD; Debra Bynum, MD; Evan Shelby, MD

“A large part of the process is for the applicant to have a chance to really see the program and have a gut feeling of ‘Is this a place I can be happy?’ Not only work hard, not only get great training, but also be happy and feel like a productive member of something important.”

-Debra Bynum, MD, Residency Program Director

Topics covered:

  • The purpose of the interview
  • How to prepare for your interview
  • How to tell if residents are happy
  • What kind of applicant the Director is looking for
  • Being memorable..for the right reasons
  • How to tell if the program is the right fit

Listen to the podcast: (17 minutes, 54 seconds)