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A commitment to clinical teaching excellence has existed within the UNC Pulmonary and Critical Care Division since Dr. Thomas B. Barnett established the division in 1952. Under his leadership, the foundation for outstanding clinical medicine, teaching and research was established, and has continued to grow to this day. Even after his retirement in 1990, Dr. Barnett remained an active contributor to the education of clinical fellows and faculty by continually updating and organizing the “Barnett Library.”

In 1999 the family of Dr. Charles Cree Hunter, whom Dr. Barnett mentored during his medical training at UNC, provided the resources to turn the Barnett Library into “The Hunter-Barnett Learning Resource Center” (HBLRC). Through their generosity, a state-of-the-art facility was constructed to aid the training of clinical fellows. The HBLRC serves as the site for formal clinical fellow teaching and provides every resource needed to research clinical topics and to prepare high quality presentations. Additional support has been provided for the development of an online resource to enrich the fellowship training process and cultivate the core competencies mandated by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Through their ongoing support, the UNC Pulmonary Division will remain at the leading edge in the use of technology for clinical training.

Re-dedication of the “Hunter-Barnett Learning Resource Center”

September 26, 2008