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Who is eligible for endobronchial valves?

  • Patients with COPD who are short of breath despite maximal guideline-based medical therapies
  • Patients with hyperinflation by lung volumes
  • Patients who have quit smoking at least 4 months ago
  • Patients who take less than 20 mg prednisone daily
  • Patients who have had less than two hospital admissions for COPD exacerbations within the last 12 months

How do I refer my patients?

  • Within UNC System:
    • Place an order for “Ambulatory referral to Pulmonology” and specify “Interventional Pulmonology – BLVR referral” in the comments
  • Outside UNC System:
    • Fax referrals to Vickie Dowdy at 984-974-8610

What can my patient expect at their first visit?

  • Patients will undergo testing on their initial clinic visit day including lung function tests, CT scan, echocardiogram, blood tests
  • Patients will meet one of our interventional pulmonologists to discuss details of the procedure and recovery, discuss their test results, and the need for any further testing or evaluation
  • Patients will get a printed summary of their visit including a plan for next steps. Information will also be sent to the referring provider, usually via fax within one week of the clinic visit